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Why it's awesome

Completely free

Create as many auctions as you want at absolutely no cost. Combine auctions into a gallery to advertise multiple items at once.

Easy to create

Creating a new auction only takes a minute and can be updated at any time. Advertise your auction and you're done!

Use anywhere

BidKat improves the places you share your item - craigslist, Facebook, Twitter, classifieds, or a bulletin board. It's not a replacement.

Auto negotiate

Not great at negotiating prices? BidKat will do it for you and get the best price possible while being fair to buyers.

Maximize profits

Buyers always make the first offer so that you're not leaving money on the table if you are not sure what your item is worth.

Increased privacy

BidKat will collect offers and questions from potential buyers without ever revealing your email address.

Use BidKat...

  • Online

    Add your auction link to your craigslist or other online classifieds ad. Create auction galleries to advertise multiple items at once.

  • Social media

    BidKat's short auction links are perfect for tweets or adding to your Facebook wall.

  • Bulletin boards

    Provide a link to your BidKat auction instead of your home phone number. It's safer and easier!

  • Charity events

    BidKat can display all of the available items in a gallery and track all of the offers for you, at the end of the auction just contact the top donators.

  • Newspapers

    Ads in newspapers and magazines charge by the letter. Add a link to your BidKat auction to provide more detailed information.